About the european beer group

The European Beer Group

Established in 1995, the European Beer Group (EBG), formerly known as the European Parliament Beer Club, is a pan-European network that serves as a vital forum for discussion and information exchange on issues affecting brewing and the beer value chain across the European Union.

Recognising beer’s capacity to bring people together and enhance conviviality as an integral part of Europe’s culture, heritage and future, the EBG aims to support the responsible and sustainable development of the brewing sector across the EU.

European Beer Group - European Flag


  • Beer: A fermented, low-alcohol beverage brewed with ingredients of agricultural origin
  • Number of breweries: Over 10,000
  • Number of beer brands: More than 50,000
  • World-leading: Around 20% of global beer production
  • Number of jobs created by beer: Over 2 million people, from grain to glass
  • Annual tax contribution: Over €40 billion paid in excise, VAT and other fiscal contributions


The European Beer Group recognises the intrinsic nature of beer and acknowledges the significant contributions of beer to Europe’s society, culture and economy. The EBG’s members advocate for a robust brewing sector and support policies that nurture innovation and sustainable development in beer brewing and marketing.

  • Dialogue: Beer is a beverage for debate, and the EBG aims to foster constructive dialogue amongst decision makers, the beer sector and other stakeholders, promoting a responsible and sustainable future for beer.
  • Cultural heritage: Europe unites a variety of brewing traditions and beer styles, with the bars, pubs, brasseries, beer halls and gardens a key part of European identity. The EBG aims to promote beer’s cultural heritage, its central role in European communities and the EU’s position as a leading beer-producing region.
  • Policy Framework: The EBG aims to enable a policy framework that encourages investment and innovation in brewing, promoting sustainable development in the production and marketing of beer, including lower and no alcohol alternatives.
  • Awareness raising: Like the diversity of beer styles, so there are a variety of policy challenges and opportunities facing the brewing sector. The EBG aims to enhance understanding of the brewing sector and the beer value chain within the EU institutions.


The EBG offers its members a unique opportunity to unite and stay informed on beer-related issues through various activities such as:

  • Events: Regular briefings, study visits, social gatherings and report launches – all often over a beer – bringing policymakers, brewers and the beer network together.
  • Information sharing: Newsletters, background briefings and other information tools, keeping MEPs updated on developments, the potential impact of policy choices on the beer value chain and the need for collective engagement.

The European Beer Group is an initiative that is owned by MEPs. Members of the Group do not receive any form of remuneration for their membership or any activity pertaining to the Group.